Glory Days Sim Racing


Welcome to Glory Days Sim Racing! If you like the '90s Sierra/Papyrus racing sim games, like NASCAR Racing 2, 1999 Edition, 3, and IndyCar Racing 2/CART Racing, and are looking for recent addons, you've come to the right place. We feature lots of mods for these games. New to old-school sim racing? Click the "Getting Started" page to learn how everything works! Plus, we're starting to add some NR2003 stuff as well!

Getting Started:

So you want to enjoy some 1990s racing action, eh? Well you've come to the right place! These are the instructions on how to download, use, and add content to NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition and IndyCar Racing 2.

NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition:

Download the game from the Full Games page, then extract the nr1999 folder to wherever you like.

Starting the Game: Before you start the game, you need to choose a carset. There are several different folders to choose from, which are described below. Rename the one you want to "Cars" and then start the game.

98cars--Default NR1999 Carset, features the 1998 Winston Cup and Busch Grand National cars, with some fictional ones as well.

96cars--Default cars from NASCAR Racing 2, featuring the 1996 NASCAR Winston Cup cars, and some fictional cars.

NROScars--Fictional cars from NROS, the NASCAR Racing Online Series, which was one of the first big Online Sim Racing leagues

latecars--Asphalt Late Model cars featuring me, my favorite video game characters, and generic drivers.

modcars--NASCAR-style SK/Whelen Modifieds featuring me, video game characters, and generic drivers.

bombercars--Street Stock/Bomber '80s GM Metric Monte Carlo cars for both Dirt Tracks and Pavement Tracks.

dlmcars--Dirt Late Model cars. The video game character drivers have ratings to match their personality, and it's usually Sonic up front!

dsscars--Dirt Super Stock/Sportsman cars. Same roster as Dirt Late Models.

dmodcars--Dirt IMCA/UMP Modifieds (E-Mods). Same roster as Dirt Late Models.


Nascar Cup (most of the 1998 season)

Nascar Grand National (most of the 1998 Busch Grand National season)

NASCAR Craftsman Truck (most of the 1998 Truck season)

Dirt Tracks (Dirt ovals by me or IDRS)

Short Tracks (The local pavement short tracks and less-popular speedways that come with the game)

Adding Cars: NR1999 has a great Create A Driver Mode. Go to Entry Lists, and click "New Driver." You will then be able to name the new driver, and edit details, like Number (1-125), Sponsor, Paintjob, Chassis, etc. Chassis 1 is Chevy. Chassis 2 is Pontiac. Chassis 3 is Ford.

Making a Roster: You can modify the default entry list, or create a new one by pressing the "New List" button. The driver names on the left are the ones who are not in your list, press the arrow to move them to the right and they will be on your list. Make sure to save!

Making a driver playable: The driver at the top of the list is the driver you play as. If you're using the DOS version and play multiplayer, the driver below yours is player 2's driver, and continues for player 3-8. To make any driver playable, highlight him/her, and press the < key until he/she is at the top of your list, and save. Now you are driving as them.

3DFX Mode: On Windows 7, the default Software mode has horrible colors. You should instead use the 3DFX mode. While they don't sell 3DFX cards much anymore, you can Google "Glide Wrapper" and find some downloads for DLL files you can put in your Windows folder to run 3DFX games.

Painting cars ingame: Click "Paint Shop" when you look at the driver's info screen. You can then use different tools to customize their car. Right click on the icon with the stamp on it, and you'll see a bunch of decals to choose from, some of which I put in there. Put them on your cars however you wish. I also threw in a 2010 Impala nose decal sheet and a guardrail for the pavement modifieds.

Exporting cars and painting them with other programs: While you're painting the car ingame, click "Export." Then exit out, go to the nr1999 folder, and you'll see a file called "X(carfilename).pcx." Edit it in another program, and export it back in. Make sure you fit it to the N2/N99 palette. If you like to edit in Corel Photo-Paint like me, and tell me that you use it, I'll put up my N2/99 CPL Corel palette for easy painting.

Nicer-looking Dirt Tracks: Sometimes the dirt tracks have white lines across the surface like the asphalt ones do. Press one of the number buttons (I forget which one it is, different numbers turn different details on and off) to get rid of it, or go to the Graphics menu, and turn off Skids/Paint.

IndyCar Racing 2:

Download the game here on our site. Then extract the ICR2 folder to wherever you want. You will need DOSBox to run it if you don't have an ancient dinosaur computer from the '90s. Google "DOSBox" and download it. Open DOSBox, and type in mount c C:\ (or whatever drive you put the game in). Then type in CD (whichever folder ICR2 is in). Then type Indycar, press enter, and you will be playing IndyCar Racing 2! If you type Indycar -h, you'll be playing in HD, well at least higher than the original version.

Painting Cars: While in the ICR2 folder, type in Paintkit, and when you're in the paintkit, you can swap your paintscheme with another drivers' or edit the cars.